The Little Shop of Resources

Grab your virtual shopping bags and leave your wallet alone! I have opened a lovely little shop on TES resources and the great news is that everything is free*

Click anywhere on this image to be whisked away to The Little Shop of Resources

Here you’ll find sets of lesson plans, power points, worksheets (easy to adapt for workbooks or edit), success criteria, ideas and things designed to generally make your life better (I hope).

There are BRAND NEW sets of lesson planners and reflections for teachers and supply teachers, which were crafted especially with busy professionals in mind. Based on a diary format, they give space for thinking ahead and looking back, hassle free and with less stress!

My teaching blog is also now open and dispensing teaching ideas.

*There are a couple of old resources that cost a minimal amount, but if you want them, let me know and I’ll email them to you for a smile.

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