The FreeBee Library

The FreeBee Library began in March 2020, at the very start of the lockdown. Being a teacher for nearly twenty five years, I have stock of books that has gradually built up over that time. As a passionate reader myself, I knew that there would be many children and there adults out there that might be missing their trips to local libraries, so I created one my garden path…

Dolly and the Story Elves on the Socially Distanced trip out to the library

This first step created interest straightaway, not just from Dolly and the Story Elves. Visitors came and took books, read and returned or replaced from day one.

I got to work on a more permanent base for the books, as the stepladder wasn’t weatherproof for sunshine or rain. The Shed of Content was raided for suitable boxes…

A box was found, painted and lined
It was soon filled with books and the word got out.
One regular customer is an avid fan
The FreeBee Library has expanded and taken on bigger premises!

So what next for the FreeBee Library? For the time being, it will continue to be open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, on my garden wall, for everyone, from nine days to nine decades old. It may expand to other places and take on other forms too, if there is enough interest. Please do let me know if you would like to host a box, as I can help set you up with a starter kit free of charge, just get in touch via email at As soon you have a handful of books and box, it doesn’t long before it gets going and there is very little to do once it’s up and running. 

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