The Curious Tale of Mr Oggy Boggles – Part Two

The Curious Tale of Mr Oggy Boggles – Part 2

In the last part of the Curious Tale of Mr Oggy Boggles, we learnt that he was a little alien, all alone on the moon… until his moon rock house broke loose from the moon and started to float through space…

Floating through space was a strange and unusual experience for Oggy and he wasn’t he sure he liked it. Broken bits of cheese plates and his Bob Acorn-Seen mug floated past his head. And his feet tumbled around, and his arms and his antenna felt squirly and whirly. But then the little moon house started to slow down, and his movements started to feel less floaty and more bumpy, as he landed on the floor with a bit of a crash. When he thought about it though, Oggy realised that he wasn’t so much on the floor as on the wall. On the ceiling was his door and windows and his actual floor and ceiling were doing the job of walls. The little moon house began speeding downwards and Oggy held on to what he could as it jolted and banged, and then splashed with an almighty splash, into something cold and wet looking.

Bobbing about for what seemed liked ages, the little moon house was safe and sound, and so was, I am happy to say, Mr Oggy Boggles. Clambering to his feet, he soon gained his sea legs, as his big feet helped him walk about on the wobbly watery boaty like little moon house without even falling over once or feeling smallest bit seasick, which was lucky. Opening the door of his house as if were a hatch of a submarine, Oggy climbed out on to the top and was able to see the sea all around him, and, far off into the distance, something far more interesting… what looked like land.

There were hills and a small town with white painted houses looking back at him. There was a long prom with blue metal rails, and people walking up and down in coats and hats and scarves, eating ice creams and carrying buckets and spades, because it was August and they were meant to be having a good time. Going up the left-hand side of the town was a special train that only went up and down, not along, and tended to make men go a bit pale, children want more ice cream, and women want to close their eyes. There was a short pier with another white building on it, that was full of noises and smells that Mr Oggy Boggles had never heard before, but was sure were very exciting, if you were a bit bigger and braver than him. He was most excited about seeing the beach, an expanse of dark sand and large grey, black stones. If he could reach that beach, he could finally meet actual people and have friends of his own, hear stories and watch the lips that are telling them, and actually find out if marshmallows taste as good as he believes them to be.


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