The 31 Days of Scary – Day 8: Witches Spell Set D

The Witches’ Spell – Capacity Lessons for EYFS

More lesson plans, worksheets and a presentation to get young children thinking about measuring and potions! Inspired by The Witches’ Spell in Macbeth by William Shakespeare, these sessions are part of a longer unit covering all areas of curriculum.

In this pack are two lesson plans and the printable resources, plus the presentation, that you’ll need for sessions brave Key Stage 1 or 2 children and their teachers. The children are introduced to the basic terms for comparing different capacities and there is a good balance of practical and formal work. Aims and success criteria are made clear, as are the key words and resources needed for the activities that take place. This is a resource heavy topic, but I hope that I have made it as simple and practical as possible, while still being creative and fun for everyone. If physical resources are not available, substituting for alternatives is great for the imagination and pictures can do the job as well.

Differentiation is built into the sessions, and the lessons can be seen as a starting point for your own ideas. There is scope for further development into a longer term project, with potion making and further measurement activities etc.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 measurement activities will take the capacity and witches’ spell theme further, so please look out for them in tomorrow’s blog.

If you like my resources, I’d be really grateful for a review and some stars. If you don’t like them, ask your loved ones to stock up on flies for your breakfast x

Witches Spell Capacity for EYFS

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