The 31 Days of Scary – Day 28

The Day of The Dead – Skull Designs

I’ve collected some images for the artistic among you all to inspire your own Day of the Dead art work…

For teachers, there are also some worksheets for lower primary aged children, based on the skull decorations often seen during Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico and America. These are available on request from me directly here.

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Or from TES Resoures

Day of the Dead work – part of Halloween Activities

The first sheet provides illustrative examples of skulls for the children to look at and discuss (as a class. group, talking partner etc), the second sheet is a very basic colouring in (that can be added to with the children’s own design and flowers etc), and the third is the basic skull shape, which is up to the children to design (and again flowers etc can be added). The children’s skull pictures can be printed or stuck to card and made into masks by cutting out the eye holes and making holes at either side of the face.

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