The 31 Days of Scary

The 31 Days of Scary – Day 23: Crawling

Image by Ian Espinosa

fingers twitch in the dark
heartache in the darkness
breathe for the first time again
neck stretches at the agony of re-birth
hands push and scratch and nails tear
screaming in the agony of re-birth
not mother, but son, torn by birth
gasping and clawing for life
life in the darkness
A sudden, frantic, urgency of escape,
Beats in my chest, making my ribs want to burst.
The need for freedom
And an explanation
Of how this came to be,
Makes my eyes widen
And my mind open and clarify.
Feet now alive and legs angry,
Kick and shake at the box I'm in.
Hands less frantic,
Become systematic and claw and pull,
And I'm breaking free.
With a strength I've never had before,
I push my way out of death,
Out of the earth that nurtured for me
For a season, a day, an hour, a year,
I know not how long.
And I crawl out of that darkness,
Crawl and claw, and cry,
Face to the sky, seeing the stars
Water heaven with their tears
And wash the dirt from my hands.
I am free.
All I can smell is parley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

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