The 31 Days of Scary

The 31 Days of Scary – Day 2

A Dark Eyed Tale – The Undying Question

On a windswept hill, under a swinging gallows tree, sits The Shadowed Girl, forever waiting. Her patience is eternal, unwavering.

Many times, she has wondered why she died. There’s always that nagging thought that if she’d turned right instead of left that day, taken the path more travelled by rather than less, and had run just that little bit faster, she would have survived. But, of course, The Girl died so long ago that if she hadn’t died then, her natural time for passing would have long since have been forgotten anyway.

So, there she sits, looking back and wondering and pondering on a life that never was and the existence that she never had, and realising that her little death was such a small part of everything, it has simply melted away into nothing. And yet, she still clings to the hope that may be one day she will find out why she died.

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