The 31 Days of Scary

The 31 Days of Scary – Day 10: The Witches Spell Lesson Plan Set 1

The Witches Spell Teaching Resources

Two user friendly lesson plans and sets of worksheets, with free audio, to download and use straightaway, in primary classrooms. They are fun, easy to manage and a great way to introduce Shakespeare to children, from Reception up to Year 6.

Each lesson has clear aims and criteria for achievement, differentiation for ability, a sample keywords and questions, a list of resources and next steps. Worksheets are plain and simple, and are designed specifically for the lessons, but can be adapted or seen as a template for your own worksheets or work in books. The lessons can be the starting point for other activities as a project on the text, such as music (creating a witches dance), science/technology (creating potions), maths (measuring potions, comparing measures etc) and so on. If you check out my resources, I have lesson plans based on the Witches Spell that you can use or adapt for your purposes, all for free.

I have used the extract with 3 to 11 year olds, and it is always a guaranteed winner, becoming a firm favourite warm-up game for drama activities (reciting it, not, you know, heating up a cauldron or anything – Elf and Safety and all that, and I so got in trouble for destroying the Kingdom of Mordor, so not doing that again).

To hear a FREE recording of the poem, please go to : or SoundCloud

For the FREE RESOURCE DOWNLOAD, head to TES recources and look for Emma Middlemiss (or dcukface) and The Witches Spell by William Shakespeare – A Simple Introduction.

The link is here:

Please let me know if you would like any more information or guidance, or if you would like to tell me if there’s something missing. I’ve used these lessons a good few times and they’re tried and tested, although, of course, every time is different! Good luck and have fun.


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