Ten Tips on Getting Ready for September

Congratulations on getting your first job! It’s an exciting time and one I can remember very well. There are butterflies in your tummy and every emotion from A to Z, and all the way back again. This is the time to get ready, mentally and physically, for what promises to be the best time of your life. So here are my personal Top Ten Tips to help you get ready for next September…

“Todays we mades an scarencrows. She dunt scare crows, but she do scare me,” says Bob.

Bob loves making things for the outdoors and in the great outdoors, so what’s better than a ‘scarencrow’ for your garden? A great activity for everyone, but especially children in the EYFS, KS1, KS2. All you need for a scarecrow is what you probably have at home. You have a spare head, haven’t you?