Bob and the Very Rainy Day

Bob decided that it was going to be one of those dumbtwiddling days. He looked out of his window in his home at the base of an ancient hollowed out oak tree, and all he could see was big wetty gobbley droppers pourling down and making hugelymungiously soggy puddly muddles on the ground. On dumbtwiddling days like this, he knew there was only one thing that you could do…
Bob reads a story and starts to dreamickle up his own to make him feel less miseryshiverable.

The Surprisingly Unlikely and (often) Unseasonal Story of How Bob Came to Be

Bob is one of my popular storytelling characters. He’s funny, overly fond of chocolate cake, a bit silly, but kind, friendly and he loves being outdoors making things. Here, Bob makes a scarecrow, an insect house, and Bob’s Brillinut Book!

Find out all about him and what he like to do here. Bob is available for visits to groups, via the internet and in person. Get in touch with us for more information. Bob is great with all primary aged children, especially EYFS and KS1.

The 31 Days of Scary – Day 31 FINAL ENTRY: Godfather Death

This tale is one of the lesser known from the collected tales of Grimm brothers, but is perfect for a dark, chilly night. A poor man chooses Death as the Godfather for his son. When the boy becomes a man, Death trains him to be a Doctor and together they perform. All is well until a beautiful princess falls ill…