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What’s in a NAME? wHY EmblaBeE?

When I was thinking of a name for the business, I came across a story in Norse mythology of Odin and his brothers creating the first woman from a piece of elm, washed up on a river bank. This story appealed to me for a number of reasons. The woman was called Embla, which is close to my name (Emma) and my initials are ELM, so it seemed a perfect fit. I added the ‘Bee’ as a symbol of growth and cooperation – all things that will be important to a new venture!

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EmblaBee and Education

As EmblaBee, I am really keen to work with schools and child care settings on storytelling sessions and workshops. These can either be ones that are already offered or can be created to fit in with the topics or themes being used in the settings. Please get in touch to start a conversation – I love books and stories, so reading and building story sessions is an absolute passion for me. Keep reading below for more information on how a sample day could work.

NOW ON OFFER: ecology, mindfulness and subject based sessions, all linked to stories and poems, with a strong interactive and engagement element for all children. I am more than happy to discuss this with you, but see ‘Meet the Team’ for more information.

FEES: £160 per full day or £80 per half day, including all planning and preparation time, and expenses. Teacher packs and resources are also available.

I am a fully qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Honours) degree and an Enhanced DBS certificate on the update service. With over twenty years of teaching experience and with nine family members working in education, I have a passion for literacy and the role of language as a powerful tool in enriching children’s lives.

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EmblaBee in the Community

EmblaBee would love to host your child’s party, festival event or evening of storytelling. We can cooperate on an entertaining session of storytelling, music, drama and art for the young ‘uns, with themed games and activities to keep them amused and happy.

For adults, storytelling of the more interesting tales that our parents didn’t tell us can be arranged.

FEES: £50 per 2 hour session, including all planning and preparation time,  art materials, interactive games and travelling expenses.

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Bob and the gang work together brilliantly as a team, as well as on their own
EmblaBee – What a Day Looks Like

A day of storytelling is never the same as another day of storytelling, as that is what is makes it so amazing and brilliant, but there is a general pattern to them.

Storytelling – The Actual Story Bit 

The storyteller arrives, in character, starts to weave her story. The type of story is entirely up to those that request her presence – from wicked witch to good fairy, highwayperson to pirate, Greek goddess to Roman slave, quarrelsome queen to kitchen maid – she’ll tell you about the myths, the folklore or the truth of it all. Children and adults can’t rest in this bit, as there will be plenty of opportunities for them to join in with the action, through taking part in rhymes, songs and acting out some of the parts. There will be hats. Lots of hats.

Workshop Activities

These could be lead by the storyteller (still in character) solely on her own, or teachers could work in collaboration with her on activities based on the story.

For example, following the full story of Cinderella (the one with three dresses, no fairy godmother, possibly a dwarf, no glass slipper – I know, weird), activities could include:

  • Painting a mural of all the characters that helped Cinderella
  • Designing dresses for Cinderella, including fabric swatches
  • Making pictures using lentils, dried peas and beans (they’re in the story, honest)
  • Comparing this version of the story with other versions of the story
  • Retelling the story in a different format – how about a gossip column? Big Brother style diary room confessional? Thinking about telling the story from the point of view of the Prince or the Step-mother and her daughters. Using video/live streaming
  • Pumpkin carving to create a carriage for Cinderella
  • Drawing with charcoal outside on the playground (with permission of the caretaker) or large pieces of paper to create pictures of Cinderella and key scenes of the story like a storyboard
  • Planting hazel trees and decorating them (they’re in the story too, I promise)

Games and Physical Activities

For parties or for more informal activities, drama and music are obvious choices and fun games.

Using the Cinderella example:

  • Acting out the story using music to set the mood – the music can be classical or pop, as long as it is in the right mood
  • Dance – moving like the different animals and birds in the story (the famous version and the lesser known one), dancing as the characters would have done
  • A Day in the Life of Cinderella – performing certain tasks around the house as Poor Old Cinders (sweeping, polishing, dusting, stirring, etc), but freezing when the step-mother comes!
  • Lentils and Beans: Collecting Malteasers out of pile of Liquorice laces – the winner has the most (and everyone gets something to nibble)
  • Dress Cinders – collecting items of clothing to get a lucky Cinderella or Cinderfella dressed for the party from around the room, against the clock, with or without questions being asked to ‘win’ them


At the end of the day, it is really important that everyone gets together and celebrates what they have achieved or shares what they have done. This is an excellent way of checking that everyone has had a good chance to do everything they wanted to, and that all those precious memories of a great experience are being locked away in the memory bank. It is also gives us time to get our breath back, gather our thoughts and belongings, and be calm and ready for the rest of the day. It’s even better with cake, but that might just be my way of looking at it.

THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLE DAY – If you book a day with EmblaBee, it can be tailored specifically for the theme of what you covered and the interests and talents of your children.

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