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EmmisStories was born nearly three years ago, but I have been telling stories since the age of four. Before I could actually read, I called tiny children out from under skirting boards in the smallest  room of the house (and therefore the quietest room in our crowded, teenage filled and fuelled home) to listen to another retelling of Ned, the Lonely Donkey. The words were imagined, the stories were never the same twice, but I had a love of books, and to me, I was reading. The decoding of words was a slow process, yet once I found that spark that lit my fuse, there was no stopping me – books and stories were, and still are, my passion.

Teaching is in my blood. That little four year old girl was taken most weekends to one of her two brothers’ colleges to visit them in their halls of residences. The eldest became a headteacher, the younger became up an architect designing schools. Our sister is a headteacher. In total, there are eight teachers in my family, now over three generations. It’s the family firm. Next autumn sees my twenty fifth anniversary as a teacher. When we get together, we talk about the job, children, reading, rugby, motorbikes, sheep, children, reading, the job, rugby, cows, and gardening. Frankly, I think we talk too much about cows.

Schools – NOW ON OFFER: ecology, mindfulness and subject based sessions, all linked to stories and poems from YOUR topic area, with a strong interactive and engagement element for all children. Just get in touch and we can arrange a Consultation Meeting FREE OF CHARGE, with follow-up planning and preparation sent to you on the promise of cake and a cup of tea.

As EmmisStories is fond of cake and fun, I would love to host your child’s party, festival event or evening of storytelling. I can work with you on an entertaining session of storytelling, music, drama and art for the young ‘uns, with themed games and activities to keep them amused and happy.

For adults, storytelling of the more interesting tales that our parents didn’t tell us can be arranged.

FEES FOR SCHOOLS: £150 per full day or £75 per half day, including all planning and preparation time. Teacher packs and resources are also available, on request.

FEES FOR INDIVIDUALS/GROUPS/FESTIVALS: £50 per 2 hour session, including all planning and preparation time, art materials, and interactive games. Smiles come free.

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Each booking comes with a FREE CONSULTATION MEETING