Hello. I am in love (sorry)

This may be too big an admission for someone that you don’t know very well yet, but I have fallen deeply and profoundly in love. It came suddenly and unexpectedly, and was so strong that it left me tearful and breathless. Yes, it is the kind of love that may you only experience may once or twice in a lifetime and if you have ever felt like this, you know that it almost impossible to describe to someone that has never felt such a feeling. And what makes this all the more difficult to pass on to you is that the love is for a song, one written my Molly Drake, mother of Nick Drake, and performed by The Unthanks.

The song is called What Can A Song Do To You, and is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. It describes how the sound of half heard music from an open door or window acts on the memory, bringing you treasure or an ‘ache in your throat’. It ends with Gabrielle Drake, now in charge of the Drake estate, reciting lines about how the overheard snatches of music referred to in the song is making a listener weep and reminding them of the time they ‘could be’ sad, or perhaps, something more profound.

If you want to know anything about the shuffling and twisting aches of a mind, listen. If you want to know how beauty works, how memory works, how life works, how pain works, listen. It doesn’t have the answers, no-one knows that, but this is a good meditation on all of those things.

BTW, I’m not always this deep. I am incredibly shallow really. This is all an act.

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