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How to Make a Rag Rug

Making a rag rug can seem like a lot of work to start with, but it is one of the most rewarding and most ecologically friendly occupations you can find to do! Once you have bought the hessian and the ragging tool, you’re set! You need a rag bag of old fabrics – cotton fabrics are the best, such as old pjs, sheets, shirts, pillow cases, etc. Make sure they are clean first, and fairly flat, as that will help when you’re cutting them up, but don’t worry if they’re not perfectly ironed (nothing is in my house). Snipping and tearing is great fun and be prepared for messy fun at the cutting stage as fabric and threads gets everywhere. It doesn’t have to be too precise in the measurements and layout, although it does look better if the rags are evenly cut and evenly distributed over the hessian. My first rug was a basic circle and that is a good way to start. Stripes are good for beginners too. Look at how much of the colours you have and come up with a pattern of your own is as good plan as any if you are using scraps from home, or look at patterns in tiles, fabrics or nature for inspiration.

Cut scrap fabric into strips 2 cms wide by 10 cms long. Edge good quality hessian with a basic hem. Beg, borrow or buy a rag rug tool from reputable retailers – hopefully a local haberdashers is online!
Push the tool through the hessian. Leave gaps of about 1 cm between other rags once you’ve started. You can make patterns or go in straight lines. Go wild! This is your rug…
Open the tool like a crocodile’s mouth and place fabric in the jaws. Pull the fabric through like you’re sewing. When you’re about half way through with the fabric, release. Repeat until you’re done. Ta da!
The completed rag rug