Bob’s Brillinut Book

Bob and I have been busy in the Makery this week and have started work on what he is already calling his “Magnum Ice-cream Hopeless” – what I fear might become the greatest moment of undiscovered genius since that shy and retiring Trumpy Trousers man humbly declared his intellect and all of his pants spontaneously combusted in his wardrobe.

To follow Bob on his adventures and to see more highlights from his Magnum Hopeless, look him up on Twitter and Instagram at @bobacornseed. You can even send him an email with any questions or messages:

Bob and I enjoy visiting schools, playgroups and parties (“speciously if there’s cake”, Bob says), so we can share our stories about Bob’s adventures (check How Bob Came To Be and Other Strange Things), sing songs and do some arty makes with a forest theme. BTW, we LOVE Forest School, even when it’s raining, but we like being indoors too. Let us know when you would like us to come, by carrier pigeon, smoke signals or emailing

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