Bob’s Brillinut Book

Bob is an acorn and there are lots of different ways to draw them. It is very relaxing to experiment with drawing and to try out new ways of doing things. It doesn’t matter if they come out a bit wonky. Nature is wonky sometimes too.

We love drawing trees, but they take to learn how to properly and there are lots of different ways to do it. Here are some different ways that we have had a go. Which do you prefer? Why don’t you try? Just try and see what feels good for you!

Have you got a favourite season? Bob is fickle. He can never make up his mind…

Can you see the shadows on this page? They are made by a Spring sun shining down on us. It is glorious!

Can you fill a page with what you like about Spring? Bob drew pictures today (I helped a bit)

….Stay tuned for more pages soon….

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