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The EmblaBee Workroom and home of EmmisMakes, sister company

My Approach

On my desk is a picture of me when I was seven years old. This isn’t totally out of vanity (not totally). It is there as a reminder of what it was like to be seven and full of dreams of magic and wonder and awe and imaginary worlds. Being seven is fabulous and fantastic, but all too soon we’re twenty-seven, or thirty-seven, or, well, you get the idea.

Let’s never forget what it is like to be seven and to long to be in a world where anything is possible. Let’s dance with fairies and run from goblins, watch brave girls rescuing boys in trouble, admire princes fighting dragons and falling in love with princesses in towers. Let’s hide from witches catching frogs, ride unicorns under the moon and try to hear mermaids singing each to each.

I have an Enhanced DBS, a B.Ed (Hons) teaching degree, certifications in autism, safeguarding children, behaviour management, and business administration, and a Blue Peter Competition Winner’s badge (yes, really).

My Story

With a teaching career of over twenty years and coming from a family of three generations of teachers, I am passionate about education and the role of language and literacy in the classroom and the lives of children. More than that, I have seen how powerful the spoken word can be, as a long standing member of the Shropshire Drama Company.

By taking the step into storytelling, I am hoping to share my love of ancient tales, ballads and poems, as well as modern classics to audiences in schools, at parties, festivals and events, so keep the tradition of oral language alive.

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Meet the Team