The 31 Days of Scary

The 31 Days of Scary – Day 24: Three Witches, Three

 Three witches, three,
Flew by night,
Filling the sky with fright,
And all who saw them
Faded like moonlight,
Grey, grey, as night.
Three witches, three,
Rode out one night,
To meet their sisters,
By the rushing stream,
And to plot and to plan
As we tussled and dreamed.
One handsome boy, one,
Was out that night,
Far from home,
And quite, quite alone.
Cold, cold to the bone,
Fingers cold as stone.
Five witches, five,
Well met and ready.
Five witches, five,
Seeking one soul alive.
Five witches, five,
Found the boy, unready.
Three witches, three,
Got out a black pot,
And soon got it bubbling hot,
Two witches, two,
Crept up to the boy,
And whispered dark words.
"Are you cold, boy?"
"Are you alone, boy?"
"Where is your home, boy?"
"Don't want to be alone, boy?"
"Come with us, boy."
"We'll warm you, boy."
One handsome boy, one,
Couldn't see in the dark,
But was so cold, so alone,
He followed the sisters
Through the dark to the fire
And saw their dancing bones.
Five sisters, five,
Danced and entranced.
This night, only, this night,
They were not fearsome hags,
But beautiful creatures
That caught his gleaming eye.
Three witches, three,
Had brewed in their pot,
A stew, a brew,
Had burnt on their fire,
A flame of desire,
He could not resist.
Five sisters, five,
Encircled the boy,
One fed him,
One poured the wine,
One sister held him,
Another climbed into his mind.
Five sisters, five,
Around this soul, so alive,
The last sister sang,
A song from the Before Days
A song full of longing,
She was the One that claimed him.
One handsome boy, one,
His heart beating faster,
Rose to his feet,
As she drew him closer,
As she whispered in his ear,
Sweet, honeyed words.
Five witches, five,
Laughed and danced,
Watching this handsome boy,
The one handsome boy, one,
His handsome soul becoming
Quite undone...
Five witches, five,
Had not thought why,
One handsome boy, one,
Was out in the woods,
Alone on so dark a night,
On so cold a night.
One handsome boy, one,
Pulled from his long leather coat,
A shining sword,
That glinted in the firelight
And blinded the hags
And stole their true sight.
One handsome boy, one,
Was not afraid,
For plots and plans
Had already been laid,
And spells against spells
Had been cast already that night.
One handsome boy, one,
Used that sword to snicker-snack,
To cut, and stab, and hack.
One witch fell,
And then another,
Before they knew his trick.
Three witches, three,
Rode again that night,
Up and away from that dreary spot,
To fly for home,
Leaving their sisters' bones
To turn to slowly to stone.
Three witches, three,
Can still be seen in the sky,
But don't look too closely
Where they fly.
Don't listen to their whispers.
Remember! They lie.

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