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Stories tell us who we are, who we were, and to those that listen, who we might be. They are loaded with power and magic, the ability to transform and transport us. For a short time they can take us to far off places and times, they can expand our minds and horizons, enabling creative and imaginative thought in every aspect of life. Storytelling can open up the world of myth and legend, heroes and villains, historical research, scientific experimentation, great explorers, space adventurers, the joy of a tiny seed and the mighty tree, and the pleasure of sharing the murmur of bees on a sunny afternoon.

Albert Einstein was once asked how we could make our children more intelligent. “If you want your children to be more intelligent,” he said, “read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy stories.”

Quote taken from Art Matters, by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell, 2012

EmmisStories was established with the sole aim to pass on my deep, life long love of books and stories to children, and to adults with a passion for adventure and freedom of imagination. Starting out as a reluctant reader, but a devourer of stories and books, I created my own stories for the invisible children under the floorboards that crept out to form my audience when I was four years old. Years later, my addiction to Doctor Who and history triggered a fascination for this reading thing, and I went from reading virtually nothing, to reading two or three books a week. Within a relatively short time, I was gripped by Dickens, H.G Wells, John Buchan, and the books that led me to a teaching degree, with Children’s Literature at it’s very heart.

Leave this world more interesting for your being there.

Neil Gaiman, Art Matters, 2012

The tales woven during an EmmisStories session can be part of a bigger picture. In schools, they can fit into curriculum based activities, such as arts or humanities projects. At events or festivals, specially book themed projects are available for groups to choose or to develop with me directly. Recent examples include: The Bedtime Story project; Bees, Trees and Muddy Knees; Dragons; Arty’s Big Adventure (based on Arty, The Greatest Artist in The World by William Bee); Oggy Boggles and the Moon Landing (an alien lands on Earth).

Mr Oggy Boggles comes from the Moon, and loves to hear stories. He helps children to develop story writing skills, through his own handmade book

Let’s never forget what it is like to be seven and to long to be in that world where anything is possible. Let’s hide from frog-catching witches, ride unicorns over the moon and call out to mermaids singing each to each.

EmmisStories – READ. CREATE. REPEAT.

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