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Stories have the power to transform us and takes us on journeys. They can us to the furthest reaches of the galaxy or the smallest corners of ourselves, our souls. They can takes back in time through myth and legend, and onwards to infinite futures. Through storytelling, we can open up it a universe of opportunities for children to explore, imagine and create. I believe every child should have the chance to run with giants and fly with dragons, make magic, adventure with heroes, sail the seven seas on a pirate ship, climb mountains, shrink to the size of Borrower, all from the pages of book or the dreams made from a good story well told.

Albert Einstein was once asked how we could make our children more intelligent. “If you want your children to be intelligent,” he said, “read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy stories.”

Quote taken from Art Matters, by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell, 2012

EmmisStories was established with the sole aim to pass on my deep, life long love of books and stories to children, and to adults with a passion for adventure and freedom of imagination. Starting out as a reluctant reader, but a devourer of stories and books, I created my own stories for the invisible children under the floorboards that crept out to form my audience when I was four years old. Years later, my addiction to Doctor Who and history triggered a fascination for this reading thing, and I went from reading virtually nothing, to reading two or three books a week. Within a relatively short time, I was gripped by Dickens, H.G Wells, John Buchan, and the books that led me to a teaching degree, with Children’s Literature at it’s very heart.

Leave this world more interesting for your being there.

Neil Gaiman, Art Matters, 2012

The tales woven during an EmmisStories session can be part of a bigger picture. In schools, they can fit into curriculum based activities, such as arts or humanities projects. At events or festivals, specially book themed projects are available for groups to choose or to develop with me directly. Recent examples include: The Bedtime Story project; Bees, Trees and Muddy Knees; Dragons; Arty’s Big Adventure (based on Arty, The Greatest Artist in The World by William Bee); Oggy Boggles and the Moon Cheese Story-Story (an alien lands on Earth).

Let’s never forget what it is like to be seven and to long to be in that world where anything is possible. Let’s hide from frog-catching witches, ride unicorns over the moon and call out to mermaids singing each to each.

EmmisStories – READ. CREATE. REPEAT.

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Image by Dmitry Ratushny

The FIVE OBJECTIVES of EmmisStories are:

  1. To enable children and their adults to feel a sense of freedom – to read, to create, to make whatever they want, however they want, with guidance and support
  2. To offer educational opportunities through traditional tales, the use of myths and legends, folk tales, fairy stories and fables, and activities related to them
  3. To promote ecological awareness through storytelling and activities, set in the natural environment and by using natural materials and traditional skills
  4. To treat everyone with equal respect
  5. To be entertaining – fun is the root of all good things! Life is made for the good stuff and it is far too short and precious not to be enjoying it. Let’s make some memorable experiences!

We are part of a greater whole and can achieve many wonderful things together. The power of nature and of imagination can make us stronger, and stories can really light a fire in all of us.